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So, here’s the thing – it’s with some embarrassment that I realise it’s nearly two years since I posted anything. But…what to do, we’ve been busy. I was studying for two years, and the rigours of that, family, running a band and record label, well…let’s say it took its toll. The good news though is that whilst there’s still a lot of plate spinning, there should be now be time for regular updates, record clips, more pics etc.. etc…


I’m not going to go into every detail, but just focus on some recent highlights for this post. The biggest for myself and the Paradise Bangkok project have been the two European tours of The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band in 2013 and 2014, and the release of our LP ’21st Century Molam’.

You can check the LP here, get info on the band, as well as some of our other recent releases on Paradise Bangok, and our two sub labels Studio Lam and Eastern Connection:


The two tours, which both took place prior to the LP release, were full of amazing surprises, as people got down to an unknown band playing music that was little known on a global scale. One personal highlight was Off Festival in Poland, where we had to take Solange Knowles’ place at short notice!

It’s amazing how far we’ve come from those early gigs, and how much we’ve gelled as a unit over the course of two years. We should have some more tour news for 2015 to announce soon.

Our 5th Anniversary was also pretty special, getting on stage two musical legends in the guise of Kwanjit Sriprajan and Yenjit Porntawi. As with the 4th Anniversay with Angkanang Kunchai, these were amazing one-off events, and for the band to share a stage with these vocalists was a real privilege.

I shall end with a glimpse of our next release on Studio Lam :’Kwang Noi Chaolay’ off ’21st Century Molam’ backed but this killer dub by Nick Manasseh:

Lots more to come – watch this space…


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January 17, 2015 at 12:52 am

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